Tips for Exploring Kananaskis during Covid-19

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Perhaps like the peka in the photo, you are considering leaving your home and venturing to Kananaskis. Here are some things to think about and pack before heading out to the mountains.

What are you going to do? Where are you going to do it?

There are so many things to do in Kananaskis and many access roads into this 4200 sq km piece of protected land. Now that Visitor Information Centers are closed it’s important to do your research in advance.

Now that the Visitor Information Centers are closed it’s important to do your research in advance.

Once you have picked a trail, check the Alberta Parks Trail report to ensure the trails you will be using are open. Have a plan A trail and a plan B trail. If you get to the trailhead for plan A and it’s full, move on to plan B.

If you are looking for ideas we have a few suggested guidebooks and maps listed at the bottom of this post.

Things you need to bring.

Trails, parking lots, outhouses, and garbage cans have re-opened. This is great news as waste (of all kinds) once again has an appropriate place to go. Please note if a garbage can is too full to latch pack out your garbage or find another can. Keeping garbage cans latched is essential to our wildlife’s safety. Cleaning and sanitization of outhouses are happening on a regular basis however it’s best to pack your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer. If you want to up your game pack a bottle of mixed bio-degradable soap and water, a second one with water, and a small towel. Boom, trunk hand washing station!

Mountain weather changes very quickly, check the weather report and be sure to pack an extra layer of clothing, or two.

Bear spray is a must in Kananaskis, check your can isn’t expired and know how to use it. We rent and sell bear spray at our shop in the Village.

Be sure to pack water and snacks or lunch. If you are looking to purchase food Moose Family Kitchen and the Kananaskis Lodge, located next door to us in the Village have dine-in and take-out options that are now open.

Remember all that research you did on where you want to go? Don’t forget your map and/or guide book. Your cell phone shouldn’t be relied on in the wilderness.

I’ve included a handy Things to Bring checklist at the bottom of this post.

Special Considerations during Covid-19

As Alberta Parks states: “Everyone needs to work together to minimize the chance of a second wave of the virus by ensuring we are physical distancing, wearing masks when that’s not possible and not gathering in groups.”

Post isolation, Kananaskis Country is seeing very high volumes of visitors, on the trail be sure to maintain physical distancing. Think of trails like roads, stay to the right, and allow faster users to pass you and then move on.

Be kind. We are all in this together.

Avoid gathering in parking lots and use hand sanitizer after touching garbage cans, outhouses, or any other surface that may have been touched by others before you.

Things to Bring

  • Toilet paper and hand sanitizer
  • A few of the million grocery bags you have accumulated in the past few months for garbage
  • Water, food/snacks
  • Map and or guide book
  • Bear spray
  • Extra clothes, for each person in your family
  • First aid kit

Suggested Guidebooks and Maps

Kananaskis Country Trail Guide – For sale in our store.

Gem Trek Maps – For sale in our store.