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Wild Jobs: Gear Shop Owners

Owners Claude and Michelle with some of their 2019 KO crew

“I get to take families, school groups, and co-workers out into the mountains, tell them stories, and teach them techniques and skills. Even just to instill a sense of awe and wonder…”

Regardless of what you’re doing, outdoor activities all require equipment of some sort and if you’re anything like me you aren’t committed to just one sport, so the gear just continues to pile up. Outdoor enthusiasts are passionate about their chosen pastimes and their extensive gear collections are a source of pride. We’ve all walked into the local shop with no intentions of buying, only to leave with the latest ‘needed’ item, and an even longer wish list. Gearheads like us have all dreamed about ditching the nine to five and opening our own spot to live our best life. Michelle Faerden used to be like the rest of us, but turned that dream into reality more than thirteen years ago.

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Written by Tyler Dixon

Published in the Calgary Guardian

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