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Get Geared Up: Summer Equipment Rentals at KO

One of the countless wonderful things about the Rocky Mountains is the endless amount of activities and sports to partake in.

If you’re interested In mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, or all of the above, you can do it here! The thing is, when you’re new to a sport or activity, there’s one thing that stands between you and your next adventure: the gear. It can be expensive and confusing to get all the gear you need for a specific sport. So, rather than breaking the bank and buying everything, why not rent? Renting is a great way to dabble in everything, try something new you might not be sure about yet, and save money!

We offer a ton of rentals for both summer and winter sports and activities. Now that the sun is shining, we’d like to introduce you to our summer rentals and hopefully, you’ll be as stoked as we are to get geared up and get out there. Here’s a list of our summer equipment rentals for you to choose from:


Ready for your next mountain biking adventure? We offer e-bikes, adult front suspension bikes, premium adult full suspension bikes, children’s bikes, and chariot bicycle trailers. Whether you’re looking to ride with friends or with the whole family, we can set you up. Ranging from $20-60/half-day or $30-110/day, we’ve got you covered.

Barrier Lake Boat Rentals!

We’ve also got a rental hot-spot located right on Barrier Lake. There you can find paddleboards, canoes, tandem kayaks, single kayaks, wet suits, and more. A summer day spent paddling on the lake truly can’t be beaten! These boats/boards are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and rented by the hour. While you’re there, you should check out the beautiful sandy beach.

Boats from the Shop!

If you’re not much of a land animal, we can help you out in the water, too. You can pick up canoes from the shop along with life jackets, paddles, and more for $75/day. In addition, you can come by and grab inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards for your next SUP adventure for only $55/day. If you pick up boats at the shop, you’ll need to transport them to wherever you’d like to set sail.

Hiking Gear & Games!

  • Bear Spray

  • Hiking Poles

  • Baby/Toddler carrying backpack. 

  • Tennis racquets. Basketballs and Soccer balls.

Don’t miss out. Book your gear in advance. 

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