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Team Building that’s (Actually) Fun

We’re no strangers to the collective sighs and grumbles that ensue when the term ‘team building’ is uttered in any meeting. Our employees anticipate cringe-worthy games that tend to be more embarrassing than they are fun or meaningful.

In a workplace where over 50% of employees confess to feeling burnt out, team outings become crucial for sustaining a healthy and productive environment. Opting for Kananaskis Outfitters to orchestrate your upcoming team-building event ensures you bypass the typical eye rolls and groans associated with such occasions. We specialize in transforming team outings into genuinely enjoyable, entertaining, and collaborative experiences that reenergize your team and foster a positive workplace culture

Now that many team members are working remotely, corporate teams are:

  • Needing in-person connection more than ever

  • Antsy to get out of the office

  • Ready for some physical activity & fresh air

Our team outings check off all these points and more! Your staff will enjoy the great outdoors, engaging with their colleagues in a beautiful, exciting mountain environment.

How We’re Different

Let us guess: your workplace wellness programs likely take place in … well, the workplace.

Don’t get us wrong, lunchtime yoga and standing desks are great. But when your wellness program takes place at work, it’s difficult for your staff to take a step back from all the stress and tasks filling up their calendars.

That’s where we come in. We offer a place where your employees can step away from their daily stressors and enjoy time in nature. They won’t have to worry about rushing back to their desk and answering that last (or second last) email. They’ll have the opportunity to truly recharge and recover. 

Why Our Team Building Events Bring Staff Closer Together

Our team building events are designed to take your staff outside of their comfort zones, promote collaboration, and encourage engagement, all while exploring the great outdoors.

We take team connections a step further by engaging both the mind and body. Your staff will walk, bike, snowshoe, ski, or race down some of the most scenic trails in K-Country, giving them ample time to spark conversations, point out favorite landmarks, and create a fun, shared experience—and bring lots of treasured memories back to the workplace.

Studies indicated that an engaged team fosters a 21% increase in productivity. So when your team returns to the office after our outdoor activities, they’ll be more energized and yield better results for your organization.

Our Team Outing Events

We have events for all skill levels, group sizes, and activity preferences. Plus, we have the capacity to accommodate groups anywhere between 6 to 100 team members.

Kananaskis Amazing Race

Nothing says teamwork and collaboration more than a game-show style activity! Your staff will work together to solve both mental and physical challenges. Bring an edge of fun, exciting competition to your next team outing, where your team will deduce clues and navigate around the Kananaskis Village.

Mountain Biking Tour

Our Mountain Bike Tour is a perfect choice for the thrill seekers in your organization. One of our certified guides will pick an appropriate trail for your team’s skill level. And you’ll spend the next 1 – 3 hours biking down some of the most stunning trails in Kananaskis. Terrain can vary from paved paths to technical single track.

Coal Mine Hike & Beer

Enjoy a rejuvenating, 5km roundtrip hike to the ruins of Kovach, an abandoned coal mine. Hiking is such a great team building activity as it leads to organic connection between team members. After the journey, we’ll return to the Village for a refreshing pint of Ghost Town Ale, giving your staff time to connect further about their shared experience.

  • Book Your Next Team Adventure

Are you ready to book an adventure for your next team outing? Tell us a little bit about yourself and your requirements. And we’ll create a custom corporate wellness day, series, or program for you and your team.

Let us make your team building journey fun, exciting, productive, and memorable! We promise your staff will be talking about their Kananaskis adventure for many days to come.

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