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What Corporate Wellness Means to Us

Corporate wellness, team-building, and group adventures are things that we’ve done a lot of in the past and deeply enjoyed doing. Seeing teams bond and explore together in alternative atmospheres, sometimes outside of their comfort zones, is a truly magical thing. As we delve further into these areas, we’ve decided to take a step back and ask ourselves what they mean to us and why it is that we find the experiences so special and so very necessary. We’re excited to share what we’ve come up with today!

You may think you know what corporate wellness means or looks like, the term is being thrown around a whole lot lately. For some, it looks like standing desks, for others it looks like a yoga class at lunch hour, and for others, it is as simple as a health spending account. Though all of these wellness-related changes in the workplace most definitely have their benefits, we’re beginning to realize a bit of a problem with workplace wellness: it’s happening in the workplace!

Corporate Wellness with Kananaskis Outfitters

It’s difficult to step outside of your daily stressors or even just your daily routine if you’re trying to do so exactly where these things take place. Because we are aware of the ever-expanding stress levels in the workplace and the rapidly declining employee engagement rates, we’ve decided to explore the world of corporate wellness in the best way we know how: through exploration. Getting outside, connecting with the outdoors, disconnecting and disengaging with stressors, and exploring the Rocky Mountains.

Wellness is not simply one thing, it means something drastically different to everyone. For some, it’s yoga and meditation, for others it’s reading and relaxing, and for us, it is simply being outdoors, connecting with both yourself and your surroundings. Our aim in the sphere of corporate wellness is to listen first. What is it that you need? If you’re a large group hoping to head out on a short hike or enjoy some team-building activities, we can help. If you’re a small group who’d simply like to get your eyes off your screens and get some fresh air in your lungs, we can help. We know how to connect individuals with the outdoors in an accessible, approachable, fun way that will make an impact beyond just their time on the trail.

Here’s Where You Come In

Tell us a bit about yourselves, what your challenges are, and what you’re hoping to achieve. We’ll craft a custom corporate wellness day, series, or program for you and your team. Your needs are at the forefront every step of the way. Remember, wellness is a proactive journey. It’s important to explore corporate wellness when your team is experiencing both highs and lows. It’s about progress, not the achievement.

This is your journey, we’re simply offering you the knowledge, guidance, and tools to make it the best it can be.

Ready to disconnect to connect with Kananaskis Outfitters? We want to hear from you! Click here to uncover the perfect experience for you and your team.

These are some of the experiences we offer:

  • Kananaskis Amazing Race

  • Hiking and Snowshoeing

  • Big Canoeing

  • Mtn Biking and Fat Biking

  • Village Scavenger Hunt

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