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Visiting Wild Life Distillery

Have you heard about Adventure Hub? Yes? Awesome! No? Then you need to check this out.  What is Adventure Hub? Well long story short, it is a curated group of experiences from incredible, locally owned companies focused on offering unique experiences based on their personal expertise. With experiences from cave exploration with Canmore Cave Tours, to sleigh rides with Boundary Ranch or float trips with Canmore Raft Tours, Adventure Hub has it all. Kananaskis Outfitters is proud to be a member of this incredible group and we love working with these other amazing experience providers to plan awesome days for our guests in the Canmore/Kananaskis area.

So what do a bunch of mountain-loving folks do when they want to get out for an evening together? Well, the Kananaskis Outfitters team looked to one of our partners over at Adventure Hub for a solution to our dilemma about what to do on a chilly Saturday evening in the shoulder season. This weekend we decided it was long past time that we go and check out the Wild Life Distillery in Canmore.

Photo from the Rocky Mountain Outlook

We were greeted at the distillery by Keith, one of the owners/founders of Wild Life. His passion for what he does is evident right from the get-go. The distillery felt warm and cozy, especially on such a cold, snowy night. Warm woods and a clean, modern industrial look are a welcoming combination. We started out with a tasting of the different spirits that Wild Life has to offer. Their Vodka is an easy-drinking spirit, made from 100% Alberta grains.  Their Gin is an incredibly aromatic blend of juniper, citrus, and other botanicals that drinks well on its own or mixed into a cocktail. However, the favourite spirit of the Kananaskis Outfitters team was the Alberta Gin. This twist on a classic gin is made with all locally sourced botanicals like Rocky Mountain Juniper, Labrador tea, and cow parsnip. The surprise twist? The smoke from the wildfires this past summer actually added a smokey flavour to the botanicals being used. It gives this gin a seriously mouth-watering flavour that makes it one of the most uniques spirits we have ever tasted. Beyond just the tastings, they also offer a seriously unique cocktail menu, made artfully in front of you.

Following our tasting, Keith treated us to a distillery tour. It was incredible to hear about the passion that gave birth to this local distillery and the learning curve that came with creating a craft distillery from scratch. The process that goes into the actual making of the spirits is pretty cool to see firsthand.

The Kananaskis Outfitters team had a great evening visiting the Wild Life Distillery in Canmore, and you need to check it out on your next visit to the area! Interested in booking a distillery tour? You can do so here!

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