KO Holiday Gift Guide for the Adventurous

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Finding a great gift for the adventurous mountain lover in your life can be difficult, so to help you out, our guides have compiled a list of the coolest things on their Christmas lists this season. So when planning what to put in the ripping paper this holiday season, keep these awesome items in mind:

Take the classic ‘socks and underwear’ present to a whole new level by gifting them with life changing underwear and socks that will keep their toes toasty on the coldest of days.

gift underwear
SAXX Sub Zero

For the guy in your life, SAXX underwear are an easy win on the gift-giving front. SAXX are stylish and bring underwear to a whole new level of comfort for the ‘boys.’ There are lots of different cuts and colors, so there is definitely something for everyone.  New this season, SAXX has come out with a Sub Zero model, which are fleecy with a wind-blocking front panel, perfect for winter adventures.


gift underwear
IceBreaker Ladies body fit underwear

For the ladies, check out IceBreaker panties. These merino wool undies are the perfect layer year round, especially for women who like to travel. They are definitely cuter than you would expect when picturing ‘wool underwear’ in your head.

When it comes to socks, they definitely don’t have to be blah. As a great stocking stuffer, check out InStances’ line of trendy foot sleeves.  Our absolute favorites are the Star Wars line.


gift star wars rogue one socks

On the Star Wars note, who is excited for Rogue One? We are stoked!

For the lumberjack enthusiasts in your life, consider getting them something shiny. And no, we don’t mean jewelry.

gift - hults bruk

Hults Bruk is a Swedish axe company that has been around since 1697. So you can bet they know what they are doing. With hand forged heads (the same quality steel the whole way through!) and handles made of American Hickory, this axe is something that you will have for life. Pretty enough to be hung on a wall, but functional enough to take on every camping trip.

Looking for something shiny but a little smaller? Check out Helle knives. These knives are all handmade in Norway with an assortment of the best materials: made with high-grade steel and beautiful, durable wood, each knife is a functional work of art. The company has even partnered with Les Stroud to design a couple of knives, ensuring the knives are as useful as they are beautiful.

gift helle


Maybe the person you are shopping for is into hardware that is a little more sleek and modern; cue the Deejo knife! This every-day-carry knife is a stylish work of art that is as functional as it is attractive. Weighing in at a mere 37 grams, this knife slips easily and with no bulk, into a pocket so that it is always handy. These knives are designed and manufactured in France by a company that has been perfecting modern knife design for the last 20 years. Pictured below is the Deejo Black Feather, but there is a wide variety of designs and styles available in our shop.

gift deejo

Giving the gift of warmth this year with a Patagonia fleece pullover. These sweaters are so incredibly cozy, that your giftee will never want to take it off. Available in a variety of styles for both men and ladies, these sweaters range in appearance from modern to retro, and will never be called boring. These are great mid-layer pieces for warmth or apres-ski pieces for hitting the local pub.

gift fleece pullover

Give the gift of warm feet that don’t stink.


slippersGlerups were created originally by a grandmother who was felting wool slippers for her family. They came to be in such high demand that she went into business! These slippers are made of felted wool (they’re not itchy!) and are incredibly warm and cozy. They mold to the foot of their owner and are washable. But being wool, they are naturally anti-microbial so they won’t get stinky after multiple wears.  They come in a variety of styles, from ballerina flats to boots, so there is a style for everyone. These are extra amazing for anyone with hardwood or tiled floors at home.

Looking for a gift to wow them this holiday season? Give them the gift of a mountain adventure! Get them to try something new, or experience the mountains in a new way with a gift certificate for a Fatbike ride to a frozen waterfall. Looking for something a little more romantic? Take them out for a snowshoe hike to stargaze in a moonlit meadow and then follow it up with fondue. 

gift of adventure

It can be difficult to find stocking stuffer ideas for adventurous or outdoorsy people, so here are a couple ideas of stocking stuffers to make them smile:

Light up their life with a Petzl Tikkina Headlamp

This 80-lumen headlamp is super easy to use and bright enough for any adventure, plus the packaging is perfect stocking size.

Gift stocking stuffer

Embrace our beautiful Canadian Landscapes with these Buffs

Gift - Canada Buff

Each one represents a different, but equally beautiful, part of Canada. Pick up the one that best represents the adventurer in your life.

Inspire them to go on an adventure with a trail guide for an area they haven’t explored yet. Check out Gillean Dafferns guides to Kananaskis. In 5 books, she covers all the different areas of Kananaskis, giving great narrative descriptions of the trails and awesome ideas for hikes you probably haven’t heard of in areas that you already love.

Gift trail guides


Gift - MugRemind  your adventure partner of their visits to Kananaskis every morning with the best coffee mug: This cup only looks like enamel, it is actually a nice thick ceramic mug, perfect to keep your coffee (or hot chocolate) hot longer! Pair with a package of their favorite hot drink mix for a great stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift.

Happy Holiday from the team at Kananaskis Outfitters! We hope to see you and your friends or family this holiday season out enjoying the mountains!