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Kananaskis Conservation Pass

Beginning June 1, 2021, you will need to pay to enter Kananaskis Country. The Kananaskis Conservation Pass is set up similar to the National Parks pass and helps pay for: Conservation – Protecting habitat and reducing wildlife conflicts. Public Safety – Enforcement, search, and rescue. Services and facilities – Trails, day-use areas, recreation facilities, visitor and information centres. Personal vehicles will pay $15/vehicle/day or $90 annually which allows you to register two vehicles. You will need a pass if you are stopping in the park,

Stand Up for Kananaskis Trails

Click Here to Sign the Petition to Save Kananaskis Trails We are business owners in a Provincial Park. Since 2006, Michelle and Claude have grown a small business in the Kananaskis Village from a tiny rental shop into a mid-sized retail and rental operation, with a well developed guided tour program. We rely on trails to serve our customers. The cuts proposed by the provincial government will impact us in a major way. We will see visitation decline, a large reduction in revenue from equipment

So far in 2018…

So far in 2018 we have experienced a wide range of different weather; We rang in 2018 with fireworks and some very cold weather in Kananaskis. Following New Years, the weather took a drastic swing and warmed up, with us seeing temperatures as warm as +5’C. The weather has since taken another swing, with temperatures dropping but with a healthy dumping of snow that has Kananaskis look wintery and wonderful. Here are some photos taken out on our tours or around our shop from the

Fall in KCountry – An Outfitters Update

Now that the summer holidays are officially over and the kids are back in school, a couple things are changing here at Kananaskis Outfitters. Our fall shop hours will be from 10 am until 6 pm every day and we will have staffed (hourly) boat rentals available on Saturday and Sunday directly at Barrier Lake Day Use Area. During the week, all of our boats at Barrier Lake will be available on a key system and daily rates from our rental shop in the Kananaskis Village.

Get Out On The Water This Summer!

Who doesn’t love getting out on the water! There is no where like a mountain lake in the summer time. Just don’t forget your sunscreen! For a full list of rental rates, or to make a reservation, check out the ‘rentals’ page on our website, here. FAQ’s Can I make a reservation? We have two canoes and 3 inflatable SUPs located at our shop that can be reserved 7 days a week. Lakeside canoes/kayaks can be reserved on Tuesday and Wednesday. No reservations for lakeside

The Art of a Perfect Snow Day

With over 6 inches of fresh snow falling in the Kananaskis Village this morning, the staff here at Kananaskis Outfitters want to share with you the art of a perfect snow day. ‘But I’m an adult,’ you say? Doesn’t matter! Everyone deserves a snow day every once in awhile, and a snowy Monday is just as good a reason as any to take one. Snow days should always start out a little on the lazy side; stay in bed for a few extra minutes, or

Winter Layering for Mountain Adventures

The more layers of miss-matched fabrics you put on, the less breath-ability your body has to release the sweat you are producing. One of the things I get asked on a daily basis is ‘what is the warmest product?’ We could go on for days looking up specs on a line of product or brand, but when it comes down to it, layering is the best policy. Now to clarify, I don’t mean rummage through your closet and load on everything that fits over each


Now you are probably thinking, “Wow the team over at Kananaskis Outfitters must have fallen off their rocker this time.” But what can I say, our team likes to have fun! Years ago when I started Kananaskis Outfitters, I was speaking with a friend about how people have a hard time spelling Kananaskis. Being a long time local to the area, she gave me a hint: “it’s just banana skis with a K.” I let this percolate for years and years until the other day when