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Now you are probably thinking, “Wow the team over at Kananaskis Outfitters must have fallen off their rocker this time.” But what can I say, our team likes to have fun! Years ago when I started Kananaskis Outfitters, I was speaking with a friend about how people have a hard time spelling Kananaskis. Being a long time local to the area, she gave me a hint: “it’s just banana skis with a K.” I let this percolate for years and years until the other day when #bananaskis was born.

Now if you want to come to Kananaskis, or check out all the amazing things we are doing, what’s the first thing you’re probably going to do? The same thing we all do in this modern age; Google it! But how can you Google something that you can’t spell?

Dog bananaskis

Bananaskis with a K is a sure fire way for you to never forget how to spell Kananaskis.  

So what does the birth of #bananaskis mean? We are going to be filling our social media feeds with ridiculous photos of people in banana suits doing awesome things in Kananaskis, and we want you to be a part of this awesome project! We think everyone should enjoy hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, skating, or just hanging out in the mountains… in a banana suit.

Come to the store, borrow a banana suit, create your own awesome #bananaskis photos and share them on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s spread the love and ridiculous hilarity of #bananaskis, because life’s too short to be taken seriously. See you soon!


office bananaskis