Cross-Country Skiing

Learn or improve your skiing technique so you can maximize your time and enjoyment on the trails. Our 2 hr lessons will teach you the basics of classic skiing and have you ready to venture out on your own.

  • If you are confident in your skiing ability and would like to book a Nordic ski tour, our guides would be happy to show you the beauty of Kananaskis by ski.
  • Private Lessons: $95/person; $70/youth 6-14 years; Free for 5 and under. Minimum booking of 2 adults or $190/lesson. Rentals are not included and can be added for $30/adult $20/child.
  • For groups of 6 or more please use our Group Booking form.


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What is your cancelation policy?

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How do I rent gear?

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Do I need a reservation?

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Do I need bear spray?

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What kind of tours do you offer?

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Can I book a private tour?

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What if I have a big group?

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Are there trails near you?

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How do I rent a canoe/kayak/SUP?

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Do you rent downhill or touring equipment?

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Can we take the gear that we rent somewhere else?

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When do you sell off your used rental gear?

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Where can I buy groceries, firewood, propane, etc.?

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What is the meaning of life?

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Where is the closest gas station/liquor?

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Are there lakes near you?

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Can I bring my dog?

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What are the trails like?

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