Outdoor Team Activities

Are you looking to reunite your team after many months of working from home?
Perhaps you want something different than the cheesy conference room team builders?

Well, you’re in luck, because Mother Nature is the ultimate anxiety and stress-buster, and she’s got plenty to offer right here in our own backyard.
Add some physical activity to the mix, and you’ve got a combo that can’t go wrong.

We’ve been guiding groups of all levels on outdoor adventures in K-Country for over twelve years, and are able to provide customized experiences for groups numbering 6 to 150 people.

Here are some ideas for Fall:

Coal Mine Hike and Beer: follow our guides on a 5 km (250-meter elevation gain) roundtrip hike to the ruins of Kovach, an abandoned coal mine. The journey will take you to a stunning viewpoint where the mine scar remains visible. At the journey’s end in Kananaskis Village, we’ll welcome you back with a frosty pint of locally crafted Ghost Town Ale or a Shirley Temple. Looking for a longer experience with lunch? Check out our Blackshale Suspension Bridge Sightseeing Tour.

Mountain Biking Tour: Got some adrenaline junkies in your crew or competitive folks who just love to push their limits? Then our Mountain Biking Tour is for them! After a short skills lesson on the Kananaskis Village sports field, your certified guide will pick a trail suitable for your group. Mountain biking experience is not necessary, but participants must be able to competently ride a bike and be reasonably fit. This may be the best stressbuster we offer - guaranteed to boost those endorphins through the roof!

Kananaskis Amazing Race: This game show-style activity has your team racing to the finish line. Along the way, each team will need to deduce clues, navigate themselves in wilderness areas, interact with locals and perform physical and mental challenges.

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  • Pick the date and start time that fits your schedule.
  • We can set up activities to accomodate all fitness levels.
  • Looking to add lunch or a meeting room?
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