Booking Info during COVID-19

Your safety has always been our top priority; only now there is a new "hazard" that we are navigating, COVID-19.

Our booking and cancellation policies have changed. Please read the information below to make your online booking care-free.

All guests must wear masks while in our store, checking in and signing waivers. Once guests have their gear and are outside they may take off their masks and distance themselves from other cohorts.

Should we be utilizing our spacious shuttle van, masks must be worn in the van at all times.

Staff and guides wear masks while indoors, wash and sanitize their hands and high touch points regularly and disinfect gear regularly.

Our rental / retail shop is open for walk-in guests. We will be implementing a one-way flow during busy times and have reduced our in-store capacity to allow for social distancing. We are NOT checking vaccine status at this time.

  • All guests must perform a self assement prior to showing up for their tour or lesson.
  • If they are showing any signs of COVID-19 please call 403-591-7000. If you are contacting us outside of business hours please email us at info[at]kananaskisoutfitters.com with a contact number. We will call you once we are open.
  • Guests which cancel due to symptoms will be given a raincheck. Cash refund will only be available if you cancel 72 hours+ prior to your departure.


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