Stargazing Snowshoe Fondue Tours

Be dazzled by a sky full of more stars than you can possibly imagine. Join our skilled guide on a starlit snowshoe through a frosty forest, enjoy a hot drink in a mountain meadow and be awed by the incredible vastness of the milky way before your eyes. Upon your return relax by the fire and indulge in decadent chocolate fondue. This tour is suitable for children 12 years and older.

  • This tour runs on the Saturday closest to the new moon when the sky is darkest. Guests have seen Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), meteor showers and even a meteorite.
  • Price: $105/adult; $74/youth 12-14 years. Includes a certified guide, snowshoes, poles, headlamp, fireside chocolate fondue and hot beverages. Dates listed below, click Book a Tour. Time: 7-10pm
  • Love the idea but not interested in the chocolate fondue? No problem, we will be offering Stargazing Tours as well. $69.00/adult; $39.00/youth 12-14 years. Dates listed below. Time: 7-9pm
  • Private tours are available on the date of your choice with a minimum of 6 people. Must be booked in advance. Subject to availability. Please use our Group Booking form below to request a private tour


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