Holiday Activities

This holiday season we will be offering bite-sized activities for your whole family.

Shelter Building - 1.5 hours
Animal Tracking - 1 hour
Nature Walk - 1 hour
Quinzee Building - 3 hours broken into two sessions

Check the calendar below for dates, times and to book.

For the guests of the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge, we will be offering un-parented sign up for children 9 years and older. A parent must be on-site and accessible by phone during the activity. If you are not staying at the lodge one parent must accompany all children.

Check-in will take place at our store, masks are mandatory inside. Once outside masks are not mandatory but encouraged. Social distancing between cohorts will be strictly enforced.


#1 -

What is your cancelation policy?

#2 -

Should I tip my guide?

#3 -

How do I rent gear?

#4 -

Do I need a reservation?

#5 -

Do I need bear spray?

#6 -

What kind of tours do you offer?

#7 -

Can I book a private tour?

#8 -

What if I have a big group?

#9 -

Are there trails near you?

#10 -

How do I rent a canoe/kayak/SUP?

#11 -

Do you rent downhill or touring equipment?

#12 -

Can we take the gear that we rent somewhere else?

#13 -

When do you sell off your used rental gear?

#14 -

Where can I buy groceries, firewood, propane, etc.?

#15 -

What is the meaning of life?

#16 -

Where is the closest gas station/liquor?

#17 -

Are there lakes near you?

#18 -

Can I bring my dog?

#19 -

What are the trails like?

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