The Art of a Perfect Snow Day

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With over 6 inches of fresh snow falling in the Kananaskis Village this morning, the staff here at Kananaskis Outfitters want to share with you the art of a perfect snow day.

‘But I’m an adult,’ you say? Doesn’t matter! Everyone deserves a snow day every once in awhile, and a snowy Monday is just as good a reason as any to take one.

Snow days should always start out a little on the lazy side; stay in bed for a few extra minutes, or better yet, make yourself a coffee or tea and then crawl back into bed. But the key to a perfect day is getting past the lazy part. There is so much fun to be had outside. So what should you do for a perfect snow day? Here are some of our favorite activities:

Playing in the snow


There is nothing like breaking trail with a pair of snowshoes strapped to your feet. Playing in fresh powder, walking through a snow-draped forest… There is just something so magical about how quiet everything gets right after a fresh snow fall. When you are one of the first ones out after a winter storm, you get to see all sorts of incredible animal tracks throughout the forest; you can walk in the steps of a wolf, a lynx or snowshoe hare, wondering what exactly is going on in their wild  lives;  Its like getting a glimpse into the secret life of woodland critters.

snowshoe sign PLPP

Make a Snow Angel

When was the last time you plopped yourself down in fresh, deep powder and stared up at the dancing, falling flakes? Try it! It will bring you back to your childhood and is bound to make you giggle or at the very least give you a big goofy grin.

Go Tobogganing

This can be a little more difficult in the mountains where avalanches are a possibility or slopes can be dangerous, but there are great designated tobogganing spots here in Kananaskis. Stick to the classics on a wooden sled, or get wild on a spinning saucer.

Build a Quinzee

Snow QuinzeeA quinzee is a little like an igloo but takes less finesse to build. Pile up and pack down snow until it forms a mound that you can easily fit inside (you can make these to fit as many people as you want or the snow allows) with about 6 inches – 1 foot of snow around you. Make sure to pack it as hard as you can as you pile it. Stick some sticks into the the outside, in about a foot deep, and then let it sit for a couple of hours. After giving it some time to harden, come back and start digging! You want to dig as small a hole as possible to start, working your way inside the pile to eventually dig out a burrow-like hole. This is where the sticks come in handy – since they are sticking about a foot into the pile, you know if you hit a stick while you are digging that you are close to that edge! Carve out the inside as much as possible, and voila! A super easy snow shelter or fort to hang out in. You will be amazed at how warm it is inside the quinzee.

Hit the Trails

Snow covered trailBeing out on a cross-country ski trail after a fresh snow fall is definitely a magical experience. Breaking trail can be a lot of fun if the trails aren’t groomed yet. There is just something about the feeling of skis gliding through fresh powder…


After a day outside playing in the snow, it is time to warm up with a creamy, delicious hot chocolate in your favorite mug. Don’t forget the marshmallows. And bonus points if you can drink your hot chocolate by a fireplace or wood stove.

Tell us about your favorite snow day memories or share your snowy photos with us using #KOmtnLife on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Happy Snow Day everyone!