So far in 2018…

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So far in 2018 we have experienced a wide range of different weather;

We rang in 2018 with fireworks and some very cold weather in Kananaskis. Following New Years, the weather took a drastic swing and warmed up, with us seeing temperatures as warm as +5’C. The weather has since taken another swing, with temperatures dropping but with a healthy dumping of snow that has Kananaskis look wintery and wonderful. Here are some photos taken out on our tours or around our shop from the first 11 days of the new year:


The Kananaskis River with a bunch of melted water sitting on the ice after a couple of warm days.
Hiking along Hay Meadows Trail
Sundog over the Sports Field at the Kananaskis Village
Side profile of Troll Falls
Frozen Troll Falls
The Full moon over the Kananaskis River
Grouse tracks and flight marks in the fresh snow